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11 July, 2014

A system that offers the opportunity to buy and sell both physical and virtual products and services, online 24/7. eCommerce is much more than just buying and selling online and offers a fully integrated business solution, catering to a wide variety of services, including: Direct and indirect marketing and promotions, automated sales transactions and invoicing, stock management, information management, content sharing and integration, multi-dimensional technology integration, social networking, affiliations, cross-linking, up-selling, and much more...

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Blog Websites

11 July, 2014

Blogs are a type of ‘content management system (CMS)’, which accommodate for regularly updated website information in the form of written content, images, podcasts, video clips, and more, though a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, as and when required. Blogs can be personal posts or corporate new releases and can either operate as an individual web-application or as part of an existing website. Blogs have proven popular amongst website administrators, with the ability to quickly and easily update information and website content online; whenever required and with little or no technical expertise...

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Social Media

11 July, 2014

Social networks are web and/or mobile-based applications or platforms that provide for social interaction amongst registered users, normally. Most social networks have a general genre and people tend to join these digital enterprises in order to fulfil some form of social or networking need. Social networking has truly brought the web to life with record registrations and allows for the sharing of all forms of information and web-content...

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*Get FREE Delivery Nationwide

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SwitchonMyMedia.com | Affiliates, Retails & Suppliers

Affiliates, Retailers & Suppliers

:: Become an Affiliate

Do you have a passion for media related products and services? Make good use of your networking skills and earn some extra cash by simply socialising & networking with people in your community.


:: Retailers

Are you the owner [or manager] of an art gallery, gadget store, marketing company or any other media related retail outlet?  We offer various products and services that our customers simply love!



:: Become a Supplier

Are you talented and able to offer your skills and services to our prospective audience?... Or  do you supply quality products that can cater to our target market?



 SwitchonMyMedia.com | Gift Options

Gifts & Competitions

:: Gifts

Special events, birthdays or just looking for something special to let someone know that you care… We offer some fantastic gift options for a variety of products and prices – We guarantee quality products and much-loved brands to simply your life.


:: Competitions

We run competitions on a regular basis… So if you would like to be one of the lucky ones, be sure to keep a very close eye on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest news, product updates, competition details and more!



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